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Feeders for sale

Crickets, Superworms, Mealworms, orders must be placed by Saturday night and will be available for local pick up only Tuesday and Wednesday. Please call Joshua or Angelina at 916-560-9752 or e-mail us at to order feeders.

Hornworms and Roaches should be available all days of the week.

Most supplies always in stock.

Feeders are Local Pick up only in Sacramento CA.

$5.00for 100 count
$8.00for 200 count
$17.001,000 when purchasing 1,000 at a time
$15.001,000 when purchasing 2,000 at a time or 2 food items
$13.001,000 when purchasing 4,000 at a time or 4 food items

Crickets (Archeta domesticus)
We have all sizes, Pinheads through 6 weeks or Small/Medium/Large. Measurements.

Pinheads 1/16 inch

1wk Crickets 1/8 inch

2wk Crickets 1/4 inch

3wk Crickets 1/2 inch

4wk Crickets 5/8 inch

5wk Crickets 3/4 inch

6wk Crickets 1 inch

(Goliath Worms)
(Tomato Worms)
$10.00Cup of 12 Hornworms
with food.

(King Worms)
$6.00for 100 count
$10.00for 200 count
$20.00for 500 count
$25.00for 1,000 count

Superworms are available in large.

(Tenebrio molitor)

Note~ Not For
Bearded Dragons.
We use these
worms for
our Geckos.
$13.001000 count

Minimealworms (Tenebrio obscurus)

worms can be
feed to Bearded Dragons and other
What Are Minimealworms? Florida Farm Raised Minimealworms are known as Tenebrio obscurus or dark mealworm.
Mini-sized common standard mealworms are NOT Minimealworms.

Common standard mealworms are Tenebrio molitor, something completely different...
Your critter won't be fooled and neither should you! 

Our Minimealworms are apprx. 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch (10mm to 15mm) in size.
They are very nutritious and contain:
48.31%  Protein
40.46%  Crude Fat
43.05%  Dry Matter
56.95%  Moisture
2.92%  Ash

The benefits of Minimealworms are many!
- Their mini-size is perfect for feeding a variety of small and juvenile lizards, frogs, turtles and other reptiles;
 finches, canaries and other small or fledgling birds;
hedgehogs, short-tailed possums, sugar gliders and other small mammals;
oscars, cichlids and other varieties of fish.
- They are EXTREMELY ACTIVE, so much more so than common mealworms that the difference is staggering!
- Minimealworms actually encourage babies and juveniles to eat!
- Easy to keep and care for.
- Competitive pricing.

$10.00 1000 count

Wax worms
(Galleria Mellonella)
$15.00250 count

Phoenix Worms
(Med 7/16 in.
Large 3/4 in.)
$6.00100 count sm, med, or lg
$10.00200 count sm, med, or lg
$20.00500 count sm, med, or lg

Medium size Phoenix Worms™ (12mm, about 7/16" long) are the size preferred by many herps--small bearded dragons, skinks, small geckos, chameleons, anoles, turtles and many others. This is also a good size for larger tropical fish.

Large Phoenix Worms™ (18mm, about 3/4" long) are the right size for larger pets. Bearded dragons, large geckos, monitors and veiled chameleons are all huge fans of large Phoenix Worms!

Dubia Roaches
(Blaptica dubia)
$10.00 30 medium to large
$15.00 50 medium to large
$25.00100 medium to large
$55.00250 medium to large

pinkie... $1.00 fuzzy ~ 10g-15g....  $1.50
hopper.. $1.00pup   ~ 15g-30g....  $2.00
mouse.. $2.00x-sm ~ 30g-45g....  $3.00
sm    ~ 45g-80g....  $4.00
med  ~ 85g-180g... $5.00 
Lg     ~ 180g-275g. $6.00


Water Crystals

Water Crystals
 Dry Water CrystalsWet Water Crystals

$1.00 for 2 cups of already made water crystals.

$5.00 for 6 tbls. of dry crystals. (makes 3 gallons of wet water crystals)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (Wet): Ready to use.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (Dry): Put 2 tbls of water crystals in 1 gallon of water. Leave over night. They will absorb the water. Then you can give it to your feeders.


   Multi-vitamin with Calcium

formula O
$10.00for 6oz.

Product Description Miner-All O formula for herbivores, carnivores and insect eating reptiles exposed to natural sunshine for more than a day, is the only high quality human grade phosphorous free calcium based product scientifically formulated with over 50 vital minerals and calcium ensuring optimum health and bone strength. Miner-All is ground to a micro fine powder sticking to all insects, from crickets to fruit flies, as well as mice. To complete your pets dietary requirements, vitamin gut load all insects or prey items with Sticky Tongue Farms Vit-All. Gutloading insects/prey items is the best way to introduce the proper amount of vitamins to reptiles and amphibians. We package Vit-All and Miner-All separately to preserve the integrity of both products. Mixing vitamins and minerals together in packaging degrade each other compromising the quality of both ingredients. We recommend insect eating animals NOT exposed to natural sunshine use Miner-All outdoor formula with vitamin d-3.


  Gut Load for feeders

(Gut load)
$10.00for 6oz.

Product Description After years of herpetologists raving about how well Miner-All works, the demand for a comparable vitamin formula to use with it has been met. We knew the world was full of reptile vitamins which were unsatisfying. Dusting vitamins is questionable because essential ingredients we use, like beta carotene, does not work well in a dust form. The beadlette that was needed to keep beta carotene stable when exposed to oxygen, is far too large to stick to any feeder prey. We know reptiles of many species are sensitive to excess amounts of synthetic Vitamin A into a food source. We know that vitamins and minerals when packaged together degrade each other over a short period of time. Therefore, Vit-All was created seperately to work with Miner-All for a complete diet. Vitamins and amino acids are essential to any animal's well being. After long research, we decided a gut load formula was what was needed. Most of all, feeder prey had to be attracted to the product for consumption.

Sticky Tongue Farms VIT-ALL was formulated to gut load ALL feeder prey with superior vitamins and amino acids to complete the dietary requirements of reptiles amphibians and herbivores. For a natural source of vitamin A, the beta carotene in VIT-ALL is freshly activated for 24 hours due to the unique addition of water to melt the fat cell off the beta carotene beadlet. Gut loading insects/prey items is the best way to introduce the proper amount of vitamins to reptiles and amphibians.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Shake jar to blend ingredients properly.

Deprive all feeder insects or animals of water and food. Only provide the Vit-All. Moisture added to this product will attract feeder prey to consume it.


Mix approximately one teaspoon dry VIT-ALL with one teaspoon water, let stand for 10 minutes, feed out in open bowl for up to 24 hours. Then discard unused portion.


Sprinkle VIT-ALL on vegetables or fruit, mist with water, let stand for 10 minutes, feed out in open bowl up to 24 hours. Then discard unused portion.


Mix approximately 1/4 teaspoon VIT-ALL with 1/4 teaspoon water, let stand for 10 minutes, feed out in open bowl for up to 24 hours. Then discard unused portion.


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