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In 2007 we bought Kylie, a Shamy line dragon, who is a het hypo citrus tiger from Draggintails and bred her to other citrus dragons that were also het hypo. Out of those breedings we were the first known breeder in the USA to produce the hypo citrus tiger dragon.

Bella - Hypo Citrus Tiger

TigerLily -Hypo Citrus Tiger

Bailla- Hypo Citrus Tiger

The citrus tiger and hypo citrus tiger are both very exciting to work with but unlike the citrus tiger the hypo citrus tiger's sidebars are blue from birth. Their color is very intense right away. We have been very happy to work with this line.

Hypo Citrus TigerCitrus Tiger
Bella when see was a babyBella as an Sub-adult

Tammy from Draggintails describes the citrus tigers very well. With permission from Tammy, here is the citrus tiger info.

Our citrus tigers are homozygous which means that they are dominant genetically.  A Draggintails citrus tiger bred to any other animal will give you a citrus tiger.  For example, these tigers listed have a hypo father ..this result is the same with any pairing: snow,hypo, red, orange, etc.  We have proven this gene for quite a few years now with 100% of resulting progeny tiger.  We do have some animals that pop up in clutches here often with blue side bars but they are not genetic tigers, just animals of other color lines that happen to sprout some blue bars..they are just dragons with blue bars or "visual tigers" and usually they do not reproduce this trait.  If tigers are the  intended result of a breeding, one genetic tiger parent must be used to achieve this. To be listed as a tiger here, one parent will be a genetic tiger and the word "tiger" will be in the advertisement heading.  If an animal is exhibiting blue bars but is not listed as a tiger..then that animal just happened to have pretty blue bars but is not to be mistaken for a tiger. Our tigers are born a sooty charcoal black grey with black zebra markings. Tigers are not exciting looking as babies.  The metamorphysis is dramatic with this bloodline.  1st peel they turn an algae green and very slowly to a limeish green with some this point the black bars begin to turn purple, usually 4-6mo we see a dragon that is a golden color with some purpling bars, 6mo -1yr they are a true neon yellow with bright purple blue bars. Tigers can show extreme expression of the gene like Shamrok above or they can show minimal expression with very faint traces of blue.  Both the exreme and miminal expression animals will breed out with progeny looking the extreme expression animal does not mean all progeny will be extreme.

An adult  (Shamy) and a sub adult (Shampoo, a 2007 baby by Shamy) citrus tiger

Tigers stay very dark for about 6 wks and even up to 3-4 months old

this is a common first shed for a tiger and each shed after the first is darker , a lot of melanin comes off with each peel

Tigers do not look special as babies, it takes them a long time to color, but they all make an amazing transformation

After they start peeling out of the black phase they enter the emerald green phase and then head towards the lime green phase..this one is in his 4th peel and has left the emerald green phase and is now looking lime will take him a few more peels to aproach the yellow pigment stage. 

Shampressive is a 4mo minimal expression citrus tiger  Shamy X Antonio



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