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             Welcome to Livingston Lizard Lounge

                            "Where Color is Key"

                         We specialize in high quality

   Bearded Dragons, Australian Frilled Dragons, and Chameleons


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                                              About us

We strive in healthy, colorful Bearded Dragons, Australian Frilled Dragons, and Panther Chameleons.

           Livingston Lizard Lounge~ Joshua and Angelina Livingston
We are a private breeder that specializes in high quality Bearded Dragons,  Australian Frilled Dragon, and Panther Chameleons. We have a lot of different colors and morphs. We breed Bearded Dragons because they make great reptilian pets! Besides having great looks they are extremely docile (our children handle them often). We breed Panther Chameleons because they have beautiful color and are very unique reptiles. We breed Frilled Dragons because they are awesome to look at and they have great personalities. We have a lot of fun with our dragons and Chameleons and believe you will enjoy your Bearded Dragon, Frilled Dragon or Chameleon as well.        


See something you like call or text us at (916) 838-9597 PST 11am-8pm or e-mail us at Thanks!
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

You can also check us out at  and




I purchased 3 of your babies on Saturday, and I just wanted to say thank you. They are beautiful. They are eating like champs, and very friendly. I have actually had one jump on my hand when I was feeding them! They are so cute.

I know you were apprehensive to letting me into your lizard room and I wanted to thank you for doing so. I was pleasantly surprised at how good their conditions were. Sometimes you go into the homes of some breeders and they don't have the greatest conditions for their stock. Your's were kept in wonderful cages, they were clean, had great temps, and lighting, and they were the right size for the dragons. It was also nice because you answered a few of my questions as we are planning to breed in the future, and I was unsure of a few things.

You should put a comment area on your web page. I would definilty leave a comment on your lizards, and their conditions. And I am sure we will be calling on you when we are in the market to add to our stock in the future.

Again thank you,


I Just Wanted to thank you For all your great service. Baby 'Roxie" Got Here this Morning, I'm already in Love. you can tell she was well cared For. you Guys are Great. and thank you For your Personalized Service, I'm positive we will order from you again when we are Ready For our Next Beardie.


We would like to say thank you again for the Citrus Tiger male from Romeo and Kylie we purchased. He arrived in perfect condition and is doing amazing. We appreciate the fact that we received the exact dragon that was pictured and that he was in NO way misrepresented. He is nothing short of perfection and surpassed our expectations. He is a great addition to our bloodlines. Thanks again and we look forward to doing business with you in the future as well.

- Crawford and Carter

I just received her. Thank you. She looks great and will be a great asset to my project.


Hi Angelina,

The little girl is doing great so far! She's loving her new digs, seems infatuated with her little hammock Jon put in for her. She ate like a pig tonight so she's settling right in already. Jon has been fussing over her, checking her ambient and basking temps every 20 minutes or so, he's worse than I am. (We did get power back so everyone is staying warm) We just love her already and can't wait for Bailey's birthday so he can enjoy her too.
Thanks again for going above and beyond to get her here safely to us, we will likely be return customers and will gladly pass your website along to others. Photos and updates soon!
Thanks! Tara

Hi Angelina!
Bailey got sneaky and found the little girl (we had been hiding her in our bedroom)
last night!  He absolutely LOVES her!  Before school this morning he had to get her
out and tell her bye, he said "I have to go to school but I'll be back here at 3:15,
I'll hurry home today"

He's so excited that he gets to name her, Jon and I have just been calling her "The
Redhead". I'll let you know what Bailey decides on and send you some pictures of
them together.

She's doing great, she's already started waving at Niner, our male Beardie. They get
along great and they're really sweet together.

Another update and some photos soon. Thank you again, you've made Bailey so very happy!




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